Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to Crafts For A Cause!

Welcome to Crafts For A Cause!
Nicolette & I teamed up to create this blog & Facebook page so you can find places to make crafts for good causes.

Mission - to provide a single place where crafters can go to easily find opportunities to use their crafts for a good cause, and provide those needing those crafts a single place to post them. This blog will help connect the two groups.

Goals -1) to find opportunities for crafters to do good either by donating items or creating crafts 2) to make doing good easier for everyone 3) provide those needing or wanting donations of cards or other crafts a uniform place to advertise their need.

Reason we started this? Because you see a lot of people post requests for cards, but unless you actively follow all of those people, you never know there was a request. Also, some people have a lot of followers, so their requests will get a lot of response, and others won't get as much of a response. This will help get it out to more people.

We're just starting out but will be posting opportunities as they come up.  If you'd like to contact us, please comment.
Jennifer & Nicolette

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  1. I had mentioned to Shawn that I wished you had a blog since I don't use Face book and here it is! Thank you so much for doing this. I just became a new follower and I really appreciate you gathering this information so that I can share my crafts with people who are in need. :)


    I'm going to spread the word.